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You & Your Husband Are Like the Chicago Bulls '90-'91 Champs

Where's my Millennial tribe at?! If you're like me and you watched the Chicago Bulls growing up, you can follow along with my analogy perfectly. Now before you even start asking me, NO I am not a big basketball person...Heck, I don't even know much about any kind of sport for that matter. But I do know that MJ was awesome and growing up, everyone wanted to be like him, wear his shoes or have that pull-over winter coat.

Ok, get to the point Mollie! When you're talking to your hubby/significant other about your career choices, does he respond with something like this:

  • Why do want to start your career all over again?

  • Are you sure this is what you really want?

  • You didn't go to school for that so why are you applying for that job anyway?

  • Does it pay more?

I get it girl...I do. Here's how the Chicago Bulls play into this whole thing. Hear me out, ok, so imagine that you're playing for your first championship. It's game 4 and you can win it all. Your husband is MJ (because let's be real...all husbands think they're the MVP) and you're John Paxson. Both of you have skin in the game. But how you play the game together is ultimately how you'll win it all.

MJ (aka your hubby) is going to want to hog the ball and determine what play is best to win the game. He's going to influence your decision to go along with the play he believes is best. He doesn't want to lose and he's going call out all of the flaws in the play you pick.

Paxson (aka you) knows that you're a team. Although you appreciate MJ's thoughts and insights, you also know that you too bring value to the team. You may be the underdog, but this is your game too (aka your life). Your play (aka your career) can win the whole championship for the team. Hopefully, you have a coach (aka me, wink-wink) who can help guide you to the best play to win.

What you need from MJ - your hubby, is trust and teamwork. Trust that you can execute your play and that it'll lead to the win for the team. He doesn't have to carry the burden of the team on his back. He can share the burden and better yet, trust that your play - your career change will work.

And just like the Bulls in '90-'91, your team can win your first championship together. And hopefully several more championships after that (I think they call it a 3-peat). But it will require that Michael and John play together as a team, built on trust and communication.

I welcome you to share this analogy with your hubby/significant other. If you speak his sports language, maybe he'll understand you better. 😉

💜 Mollie


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