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Where Does Your Loyalty Lie?

Sorry loves...It's been a hot minute. I know...BUT, I'm happy to have made some time to blog today. Per usual, I was sitting around my living room and a random memory popped up in my mind. I had an amazing team member who worked with me. She had this deep sense of loyalty to our company that I could never fully comprehend. Here's why:

  • She was in her role for almost 3 years with limited development growth prior to my joining the team.

  • She asked for a raise and was denied.

  • She always went above and beyond in her role. So much so that she would take calls and respond to emails and texts while on vacay. (Yes, even though I told her not to.)

  • She legit led the team when my leader and I were busy and/or out of the office.

I never understood why she was overly dedicated and loyal to this employer. Sure, my leader and I were amazing leaders. We really were...but here's the kicker. My leader and I both left the team and this team member still stuck around. Why?! I just didn't get it...

So it got me thinking - what keeps an employee at the same employer for over 3 years? Let's be real - most of us Millennials don't stick around longer than 3 years anymore and that's totally cool. As I simmered on this more, I believe the answer is rooted in what's important to the employee. When I asked her, she said - it's close to her dog daycare center, there's a gym in the office for her to work out during her lunch, and she was able to learn a lot because of the hierarchy of the organization. My response - totally fair. I was supportive of that.

Just because I didn't fully get why she was still there, one thing that she and I both had was a clear sense of awareness around what was important to us in an employer. My want was to have competent, empathic leadership. Hers was employee perks, her commute, and her growth trajectory. Neither answer was better or worse, right or wrong.

So my question to you is - do you know where your loyalty lies and more importantly WHY?

💜 Mollie

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