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You know what's best for your children, but do you know what's best for you?

It's cold here in the midwest. That means the string of the sniffles and colds is going to seep into our household. Just today, my oldest stayed home from school due to a stuffy and runny nose. He was so excited that I was calling him out of school today. I saw him laying on the sofa and what did I find? A bag of chips as he was loudly munching on it. I looked right at him and yelled "What are you doing?! Stop eating those chips right now! Especially for breakfast! You're not feeling well, you need a solid breakfast to help you get better. Stop eating junk!" He is not going to nourish his body the way it needs to fight his congestion. I'm going to arm our house with lots of sanitizer, Lysol, vitamins, and kleenex. I know what's best for my family and my kids, especially when they're sick!

As a mom, you know what's best for your family too! But hold you know what's best for you and your career? Are you preparing for the next step in your career path? Are you strategically working on your candidate brand to ensure your name gets brought up by leaders and sponsors who will promote you into your next job? If I asked you how you define success in terms of your career, would you be able to articulate this clearly for me? If the answer is no, I need you to take care of your career and your needs just as you would the well-being of your kids! If your career is "sick", you have to take the time to make it better and heal it. You have to identify what is best for your overall career health. And! If your job is making you ill in any kind of way, for example, you're stressed out, you've gained weight, you're anxious all of the time, etc. mama, it is time to put your self-care at the top of your list! No job is worth your peace of mind and/or your health!

As moms, we are the caretakers for our families. But we can all agree that in order to pour into others' cups, our cup needs to be filled too. This goes for your career. Take care of your career and it will take care of you and your family in return.

I'd love to meet you! Book a clarity call now so you can put your career at to top of your priority list for 2021:

💜 Mollie

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