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Will It Ever Be Enough?

I know there's a ton of ladies who are JUST LIKE ME. You're an overachiever. When you say you're going to do something, you're not just going to get it're going to blow people's minds by how you did it and the end result. You're laser-focused on making sure they correlate your name to exceptional outcomes and performance. People know that you get shit done and you do it with your own kinda magic, with a smile on your face. That's just how you are.

Can you relate? Yep, I figured...

This way of thinking and performing has served you well. You've been acknowledged by many - colleagues, your direct reports, and your leadership. But for some reason, where you are is not good enough yet. You're not 100% sure what "good enough" really means for you though. All you know is that you're meant for something bigger and better. And you are going to figure it out because well, you're YOU.

The question is - will you always be aiming for something bigger and better? Will your next career be enough for you? And is that ok?

I don't think there's a cookie-cutter answer for this. Everyone is different, right? As long as you're in a career that provides you with constant growth and you enjoy it, then it's enough. If not, then keep going, girl! You should be the only person who gets to determine if your current role is enough for you. I mean, it is YOUR career, isn't it? 😉

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic! Book a clarity call now so you can put your career at to top of your priority list for 2021:

💜 Mollie

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