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Why You Can't Job Search The Way You Used To

I know what you're doing right now...You're getting ready to find your next job and this is how you're going about your job search:

  • You're searching on Indeed and...that's about the only site you know.

  • You kinda look on LinkedIn, but because you don't really have an updated or rockstar profile, you don't really apply on LinkedIn.

  • You've updated your resume, but wonder if it's good enough.

  • You constantly update your resume, tweaking the format, the font, rewording your duties back and forth because you wonder if it's the damn ATS that's filtering your resume out or if it's not catching the Recruiter's attention to get you a callback.

  • You only job search when you have time or when you had a really crappy day at work.

  • You're applying to anything and everything, as long as it's better than your job now and is a change of pace.

  • You've applied to so many jobs you don't remember anymore which ones and to what companies. If you got a callback, you'd have no idea how to figure out which role it was that you applied to.

Did I accurately describe how your job search is going right now? Yep, how did I know?! Look, the way that you looked for jobs back then is not the way it is today. Why?'s why:

  • The shortage of candidates is changing the way companies are hiring. That means they have to be more creative on how and where to find candidates --> aka they're not just posting on Indeed only anymore. Therefore, you also have to be creative on where to find your next opportunity.

  • Did you know companies are taking LinkedIn profiles in lieu of your resume now?! --> Gasp! I know...seriously, you need to have a solid profile to make an impression.

  • You're no longer an entry-level candidate. You come with years of experience. --> You need to showcase your skills, your authenticity, and your candidate brand the right way.

  • Work smarter, not harder! --> You shouldn't have to apply to jobs when Recruiters nowadays are hunting for talent! Literally, Recruiters are dubbed "Head Hunters" for a reason...Let them come find you!

  • Your resume is just your initial foot in the door. --> Yes, it needs to pique the interest of the Recruiter. But it's really in your interview experience that takes you to the finish line, to the job offer.

  • Consistency & Organization is key! --> You have to dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to search for jobs. Recruiters are measured on how fast they can fill their positions. So they're going to go as fast as possible. Do not delay in submitting your application. Also, track the jobs that you apply to. You don't wanna receive a call and then stumble and say "Umm...can you share what this job is again? I applied to so many I don't recall which one this is..." DO NOT BE THIS PERSON!! PLEASE!!

  • Be selective, not desperate! --> You should be proactive with your job search. You never know when your ideal job is going to be posted. Don't miss your boat! Don't settle for less than what you want either and always be looking!

If you need help putting together a job search strategy, reach out! You can book a clarity call here:

💜 Mollie

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