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Why So Many of You Talk Yourself Out of Doing Something Scary

How many of you struggle to make a decision because you're worried bout the what-ifs and the downstream impacts of your decision? It goes something like this..."I really want to find a career that I enjoy. But I don't know how to start and I don't even know what I want. Plus, I'm already struggling financially right now. I can't afford to take a pay cut. Geez, I have all of these student loans too. What's the point of going into a career that I didn't go to school for? What's my husband/significant other going to think? How am I going to convince him/her that this is a good idea? Sure, I'm not growing in my role and I don't feel fulfilled, but it's not THAT bad. It could be worse. I could have no job at all."

Look, ya too focused on the possible action steps that you completely forget the most important step of all! You first have to MAKE THE DECISION before you even start thinking about the steps after it. You get so worked up about everything after the decision that you literally don't even commit to the decision in the first place!

I'm not saying that the decisions you make won't come with work, impact, and/or influence. What I'm saying is - take it one step at a time. First, decide what you want. Then fully commit to your decision. Then and only then should you be worrying about everything else that trickles down from your decision. You're getting yourself all stressed out when you didn't even make the decision yet. You're literally worrying for nothing. Am I right?

Book that clarity call my friend...let's get this figured out for ya:

💜 Mollie

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