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Best Ways to Land Remote/Work From Home Jobs

I got my very first remote/work from home job back in 2012. My oldest was 2 years old and my 2nd was a few months old. As a busy, working mom, I knew I had to find a role that would allow me to work from home. I already felt terrible missing all of the milestones of my first kid - his first roll-over, his first crawl, his first step, etc. I wasn't going to do this with my 2nd either! I was determined to find a role that was going to give me the flexibility and work-life balance I wanted and so deserved. I was on the hunt!

Now I was able to land a remote job way before working remotely was a trendy thing or even a necessary thing (a silver lining thanks to COVID). One thing I know is that I will never, ever go back into the office. Well, maybe if it's a potluck and/or team building event. Then maybe...but yeah, never again, girl. I get asked all the time - how do you find a remote job?

Well, let me break it down for ya:

  • Always be looking - For real, you're never going to know if you missed a chance to join a full-remote culture or company. So always have your eyes peeled. Better yet - create a job search alert that automatically goes into your email so you never miss a beat.

  • Search all of the synonyms - Lots of companies use different words to describe this kind of work setup. If this is your #1 must-have, search all of these key terms: remote, work from home, telecommute, and virtual.

  • Be realistic - Hear me out. Some of ya ladies want a remote job, but you're not willing to go into the jobs that have a higher probability of being remote.

  • Ask for it - You want it, ask for it. Working remotely can be a part of your offer negotiations.

  • Job Sites that have really awesome remote jobs:

    • The Mom Project

    • Bus Stop Mamas

    • Career Contessa

    • ProFlourish

    • Get Work

    • SimplyHired

The key here is to be patient and stand firm in your hell yeses. Meaning, if you really, really want a remote job and that's a top priority for you, then don't budge. It may take more time to find one that aligns with you, but honestly, what's the point of leaving your current job if it's not for one that you really want, am I right? Let me know what your thoughts are and if you gave any of my tips a try!

💜 Mollie

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