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Urgency Culture

I absolutely HATE our urgency culture. No one's patient anymore. Everyone wants what they want like, NOW. It's such a toxic way to think. Time is working against us with this kind of toxic urgency culture. Time is not our enemy...

When I was a Talent Acquisition Leader, the managers were always upset because they wanted their open positions filled yesterday. The candidates were eager to hear back with decisions. Everywhere I turned, things weren't done fast enough. This sense of urgency created an unhealthy pressure of never being able to work fast enough or the inability to do our job well enough. When this happens, it's easy to hate our job and see the toxicity of our company culture. Not good for anyone involved...

Now, if you're reading my blog, the chance is you're a candidate/job seeker. Let me share some job searching timelines here for ya:

  • If you see a job that was literally just posted a couple of hours ago, you do not have to apply right then and there. Breathe...bookmark it and apply when you have a free moment.

  • Recruiters are not sitting at their computers waiting for your application to come in. They're busy managing unrealistic expectations from their hiring managers, rewriting the job postings because the manager wanted a unicorn the first time around, and spending the majority of their time on phone interviews with candidates. You've got time, my dear.

  • Yes, there is some truth to being the first pool of candidates to apply for the job. As long as you get your name in the hat within 48 hours of the job posting, girl, you're good.

  • When you get an offer, sleep on it. Literally, give yourself 24 hours to simmer on the offer package before you accept it. Trust me, give yourself this time to really think about what you want and what to counteroffer (yes, you should always counteroffer).

  • Recruiters and Hiring Managers work based on business hours. Yep, so chill...breathe. You're probably not going to get a next-steps email or job offer over the weekend (Lord, I hope not).

Good things take TIME. TIME allows us to think over what we truly want and ask for what we need. Do not let this urgency culture impact your intuition when it comes to your job search. Fuck urgency culture! What's meant to be yours will be yours. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments!

💜 Mollie

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