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Ugh...Job Searching Sucks!

Heck yeah it does...I'm not even going to sugarcoat it for ya. It's confusing, every company does it a bit differently, it takes FOR-EVERRR and the ickiest parts: you face rejection or worse, ghosting. It's not fun! But you gotta...because why? Well, you have bills to pay and a family to feed. And retirement is still in the far distance for you. Am I right?

Listen girl, job searching is hard! But you don't have to figure it out all by yourself. What do they say? Oh yeah, leave it to the experts to help you out! Here are my top 3 job search tips:

  1. Like your job? Love your job? You should still job search! Being proactive before you even need to actively job search is best. And! If you're proactively looking, A. You won't miss the chance to apply for your next dream job. Winners only win if they play the game, am I right?! And B. You get to practice your interviewing and networking skills while getting real-time compensation data. should use that comp data at your next performance review. I got your back!

  2. 15 Minutes a Day Literally, consistency is key. I get it, everyone's busy. After skimming Indeed for hours and you're only on page 59 of 12518511 pages left, you become a desperate zombie. Nobody wants that. Be strategic and focus on 15 minutes a day. Take one 15 minute day to search and save jobs that interest you. Take another 15 minute day to apply to the jobs. Boom! Zombie mode handled.

  3. Be Creative What do you mean Mollie?! I mean be creative in all ways possible! Don't be lazy and wait for Indeed to send you a job match email. Who do you know who may have connections to jobs? Smaller companies can't afford to post jobs online. Do a Google Map search. What companies are within a 30-minute radius from you? Reverse engineer that shit and look on their company websites to apply for jobs.

Girl, seriously, I gotchu! Reach out if you're interested in hearing more tips and tricks.

💜 Mollie

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