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Truth: The Whole Interviewing Process is Subjective

I'm sad to share that not every company has a point-based interview evaluation system. I know...You've been thinking this whole time that your interview is graded solely on a black and white, point-based system. May the best candidate win, right?

I'm sorry to be the one who bursts your bubble. Not every company has an evaluation process that makes sense. Now, let me just make it clear that I'm NOT saying that all companies hire illegally or unethically. What I want to highlight is because it's PEOPLE INTERVIEWING PEOPLE, there is an element of unconscious bias that occurs during the interviewing process. If you believe otherwise, we can simply agree to disagree...

Let me break it down for ya...

  • Interviewer(s): Great! Thank you (CANDIDATE) for your time. We're going to complete all of the interviews and someone will be in contact with you.

  • You-Candidate: Thank you all for your time as well.

  • Recruiter to Interviewer(s): So, how did it go? What do you think?

The crazy array of answers from Interviewer(s):

  • Interviewer(s): Well, it went ok. She has a lot of experience, but I'm concerned that she's not going to be coachable because she has too much experience. She seems stuck in her ways. OR

  • Interviewer(s): Yeah, it went well. I like her. She seems like a nice person. OR

  • Interviewer(s): Eh, she was kinda weird. Her answers were all over the place. OR

  • Interviewer(s): I mean, can she do the job? Yeah, but I think I want to see more candidates just to be sure. Can you keep her warm for us?

Recruiters trying to salvage all of their hard work (insert confusion and some eye-rolling here):

  • Well, she had the years of experience that you wanted. That's why we posted the job with that amount of experience.

  • Oookkk, she's nice. That's do you want to extend an offer or no?

  • Oh, well my phone interview with her went really well. She gave solid answers so that's why I moved her onto this round with you.

  • Sure, I can send you more candidates to review and try to keep her warm. Can you provide more information on what you're looking for so I'm aligned?

See... there are no points being discussed. There's a brief mention of experience. They talk about their EXPERIENCE with you. Your interview experience is what matters. This is why the interviewing process is subjective. #IsaidwhatIsaid

💜 Mollie

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