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PTO/Vacation was never REALLY Vacay

If you know, you know... 😉 BUT it doesn't make it right. In all of my working life, what some 19+ years or so, I took paid time off/PTO/vacation time and never actually enjoyed it. What the hell are you talking about, Mollie?! Let me explain...

It didn't matter what role I was in - Culver's cashier, Recruiting Coordinator, or Director of Staffing and Training - I never truly enjoyed my time off. I was always thinking about work. Always. Yes, my physical body was camping, on the Strip in Vegas, in the waterpark with my kiddos, or under a palm tree in the Bahamas. But my mind was always back at my desk. It was thinking about what needed to be done the minute I clocked in on my day back from vacation. I was already making a mental to-do list of what had to be taken care of. And what was worse, I was always anxious that something happened while I was gone. Whether that be a huge company announcement, a change in leadership, or a fire that my team had to manage on their lonesome. I trusted my team, yes, absolutely. But I never ever wanted them to deal with things that they didn't have to. Because as their leader, my job was to shelter them from the unnecessary heat and crap coming from top-down, know what I mean?

Because I was never physically and mentally on vacation, I never felt rejuvenated or refreshed. And I'm not using the term never loosely. I mean it, NEVER. Looking back, it was because I took so much pride in my career. In my team and in myself. Having my name tied to something meant excellence, overachievement, stellar leadership, and empathy. My pride stopped me from fully detaching from work. I never realized it, but it did more harm than it did good. But that's life, you live and you learn, right?

Fast forward to today. I'm living my best life! I created a career and a business that I love. I recently went on vacation to the Bahamas with my hubby and kids. And for the first time ever, I actually enjoyed it! I was truly, honestly, on vacation! So much so that I even finished a whole book on my 5 day vacay! I felt so energized to come back to work and give that renewed strength into my business and to my clients. Finally, that's how it was supposed to be done! I guess better late than never, huh? Oh...and my standards of excellence didn't get destroyed while I was on vacay either...even better!

How about you? Are you struggling with fully enjoying your vacation? Book a clarity call now so you can put your vacations at to top of your priority list for 2022:

💜 Mollie

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