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Just Like Your Life Needs to be Organized, So Does Your Job Search

Yay! You decided that you're ready to walk away from this mediocre job. Woot woot girl! I am celebrating you! You're on a roll, my friend!

Ok, now you're sitting in front of your laptop and you go on Indeed. Boom! Omgee...there are a ton of job postings. Where do you even start? What do you search up exactly? I want a remote job, a hybrid job, or on-site? Sh*t, what if you want to make a change completely into a new role or industry that you don't have experience in? Now what?! Ok, you just spent 30 minutes looking on Indeed to just throw up your hands and give up for tonight.

Look, job searching, in general, can be overwhelming! I get it! Even though I'm a boss HR lady of almost 2 decades, I too had to be in the candidate seat way back when. So here's what I recommend: Take it 15-30 minutes at a time!

It'll look something like this:

  • Sunday: Self-Care day

  • Monday: 15 minutes to search for jobs and save the jobs that interest you; sleep on the jobs you saved

  • Tuesday: 5 minutes to review the jobs you saved. Which ones are really exciting to you? Spend the rest of your time 25 minutes applying to those.

  • Wednesday: 15 minutes updating your LinkedIn profile.

  • Thursday: 15 minutes to save more jobs; sleep on those jobs you saved

  • Friday: 5 minute review of jobs saved and 25 minutes to apply

  • Saturday: Family time

See! It really doesn't have to be this difficult. You get to decide how difficult and disorganized you want this to be. So, 15-30 minutes a day. That's it!

I'd love to meet you! Book a clarity call so we can get you more organization in your job search:

💜 Mollie

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