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If you're job searching full-time, you're doing it WRONG

My heart breaks every single time I see a post on LinkedIn that says "job searching has become a full-time thing for me and I still can't even land an interview". Listen, if it's something that's consuming every single ounce of your time or worse, your peace of mind, you're job searching wrong.

So what are you supposed to do then? You need to put together a job search strategy. What does that look like, you say? Here's the breakdown:

  • You need to zero in on which role you want next. If your LinkedIn profile says "Open to all roles", girl, no...

  • You need a resume that works for you. Meaning, it'll land you the interviews that you want.

  • What's your story? What do you wanna share with people that'll help them remember you out of the pool of candidates?

  • You need days to hit the ground with job searching AND days to rest. Your body and mindset will thank you.

  • You need to think outside the box to find creative ways to land your next role.

  • What's your candidate brand? Aka what's someone's first impression of you?

When you have all of these key pieces, your job searching strategy is no longer a wet-spaghetti strategy. See what I mean? you need help with creating a your-time job search strategy? Stop stalling, book your clarity call with me right now so we can help you figure it out -

💜 Mollie

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