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I took 2 years to buy a new office chair...

Yall, I finally did it. I FINALLY bought myself a new office chair. I's just an office chair, right? WRONG. Let me explain...

Right now, my ass is sinking into my office chair as I write this blog. It's so bad that I went out and bought a $20 something memory foam cushion to put on top of my chair. Just to make it last this long. That's how crappy it is. But! It IS cute, so that's a plus. The brutal truth is that I needed a new chair for a while. I just couldn't get myself to spend a couple hundred dollars to get the chair that I wanted.

Who cares?! Well, let me share more about what this new chair represents for me:

  • I grew up with financially responsible parents. However, we didn't have an excess of financial funds to live lavishly. We had our needs and most of our wants. The excess lavish stuff that I wanted terribly was - an American Girl Doll (I wanted the Samantha doll SOOO bad) and to go to a Backstreet Boys Concert.

  • Our family vacations were always local trips, such as camping, going to the Dells, or Six Flags. Again, I love these memories. But I sure wasn't going international for vacations let alone on a plane anywhere. I was 21 years old when I went on a plane for the first time.

  • My mom always shopped in the clearance section first. And she taught me well! I learned to shop the end of the season's clearance to build next year's wardrobe on a budget. If you wanna talk about shopping adventures, shopping the clearance racks is the ultimate experience!

  • My grandma shared a lot of life lessons with me. The one that sticks out the most is "As the wife, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to take care of the household finances. If your family has money, it's because of you. If you don't have money, it's because of you."

You get my drift. In hindsight, while I logically understood why we lived that way, it impacted my money mindset. For over 30 some years, I saw money as a limited resource; the fear that there's never enough money to go around. I had to make a conscious decision to spend my hard-earned money on things that I need or really wanted. I mean, is my chair broken per se? No...Could it last another 2 years? Sure...but I didn't want to keep seeing my money that way. Especially now that I'm an entrepreneur! I'm legit building my business and creating the life that I want. That means I can create the money mindset that I want moving forward as well!

So yes, it took me a hot sec to purchase I new chair. But I did it! I bought it because I wanted it more than I needed it. And THAT, my friends, is a great feeling. Here's to having a healthier money mindset moving forward!

Let me know in the comments section if you can resonate with my childhood as well. I'd love to know!

💜 Mollie

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