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I'm in Mourning...

When we think about mourning, we typically think about someone who has passed. One realization I have as I get older in life is the number of family members who are passing away. You know, your aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents who you thought would always be here. Even close family and friends who are getting ill are stark reminders that we are all immortal. The gift of life is truly a blessing.

When you start to grasp the concept that you have one life to live, it makes you wonder how you're living, right? For me, a great life encompasses happiness. As long as I'm happy, I'm livin' life. That means I'm doing what I want - having a career that's purposeful and that I enjoy doing every day, booking spontaneous trips with my husband, taking a random day off to get a mani-pedi, eating a chocolate donut, not feeling guilty for skipping my morning work out...stuff like that.

Truthfully, living this way required that I made decisions. Decisions to live my life without people-pleasing. Decisions to put me first, without feeling selfish or guilty. Decisions to listen to my heart and my intuition. Decisions to step into discomfort and leave behind what was routine for me. And it's sad, in a good way sad. Know what I mean? I'm mourning for my old self. I'm crying for her. I'm thanking her for the experiences and lessons that I now have. I'm sad that she's left behind as I step into the best version of myself. I'm mourning the loss of my old identity. These tears are tears to cleanse my soul for my rebirth...these are tears of joy.

Share your thoughts with me too! Better yet, send me an email...I'd love to continue this conversation with you -

💜 Mollie

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