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Are You Addicted to Career Advancement, Growth & Elevation?!

Has anyone ever said any of these things to ya:

"You've ONLY been in this role for not even a year yet! Why are you looking for a new role?"

"Who cares if you're bored! At least you get paid to just sit there and do an easy job. You should be happy!"

"Girl, your cup is always half empty. Will you ever be satisfied?"

Yep, people have said the same things to ME! Sure did. And you know what, I always just looked sideways at them and just blew them off. I hope you do too. Why? Because who the hell cares about their opinion about YOUR career?! It's YOUR career, am I right?! You're driven and motivated. You want more. You want bigger and better things. Nothing wrong with that, love.

Now, ya'll may have heard me say this before - there are 2 kinds of women:

  1. Collect Your Paycheck Women - These women go to work, clock in, do their work, clock out, and collect their paycheck at the end of the day. They then use this paycheck to support their lifestyle. If this is you, go girl! Do you, bae! 👏🏼 💜

  2. Your Career is Your Identity Women - These kinda women think about their careers as a pillar of who they are. When they're chatting with family and friends, they love talking about the projects they're leading, and the growth of their team and company. Their family and friends introduce them as - "This is Mollie, she's my wife/sister/daughter/girlfriend who is a Career Coach". If this is you, go girl! Do you, bae! 👏🏼💜

Before ya come at me...this is NOT a which is better or worse/right or wrong kinda thing. It's important to acknowledge this though because if you fall in bucket #2 (like me), then we're the ones who are constantly being told that we need to just chill with our career elevation goals. Why are we always looking for the next shiny object in our careers? Well boo, when your career is a part of your identity, you crave that next level. That's why. And you know what, I'm bossy. I need that leadership title. And hell yeah, that paycheck with 5+ digits printed on it too...

So, if you're addicted (like me) to career advancement, growth, and elevation, honey, you have got to understand what your career journey is going to look like. I already know you're a planner and you're super goal-driven. So make sure that you're doing everything you need to in your career and leadership role now to close the gap between where you are and where you wanna be. The sky is the limit! Don't be scared to dream big!

Now, if you need some help with crafting this plan, girl, just nudge k? You can email me: I gotchu, boo...

💜 Mollie

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