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Empower Your Journey: Accelerate Your Career and Business Success!

If you're ready to learn all there is to learn about navigating your career change and/or walking your new entrepreneurial journey, I gotchu...


What topics do I cover?

I host workshops regularly to help you learn the skills necessary to see results in your career elevation journey. Everything from:

*Finding Your Passion & Purpose
*Identifying and Embodying Your Brand
*Resume Revamp
*Creating a Story Based Cover Letter
*LinkedIn Optimization
*Effective Job Searching
*Interviewing Authentically and Confidently
*Salary Negotiations like a Queen

*Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

*Monetizing Your Authenticity

*Building Your Side Hustle
*So much more!  If you have a suggestion, send it to me!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Workshop Questions Answered

What's gonna be covered and what am I gonna get?

Here's the deets of the workshops:

  • We cover lots of different topics - navigating career changes, resumes, cover letter, LinkedIn, candidate brand, interviewing, confidence & overcoming imposter syndrome, salary negotiations, launching your business, and so much more.

  • Most of the workshops are either a 1-hour power hour or a 2-hour workshop.

  • All workshops are virtual via Zoom

  • If you register, you will receive the recording to the workshop once it's concluded.

What's the workshop & vibe gonna be like?

  • This is a live, guided virtual workshop - you get to meet me and I can't wait to meet you! I'm not shy so you will see my camera turned on - smiling at you and staring into your soul, pouring out my love and support to you. Hope you turn on your camera too!

  • Live Q&A sesh at the end - Bring your specific questions and I'll answer them! It's like a twofer - you get bomb ass info to implement immediately AND a coaching sesh all in one!

What are the fees?

It all depends on the type of workshop I'm hosting.  Some workshops will be a small fee to attend because you're getting so much good info and strategies that you can implement immediately.  Most of my workshops are FREE!  Yep, FREE!

Can you guarantee that I'll a specific result?

I am here to guide you. I am here to share my methods that my clients use. At the end of the day, your results are YOUR RESULTS. I cannot guarantee that you'll make specific results and/or a certain salary in your next role. But know that I am going to give you all of my knowledge to help you through it. You will gain clarity and knowledge from these workshops!

Workshop Testimonials

Wanna know what my workshop attendees have to say?  Check it out.

"Mollie has a wealth of knowledge and provided more info than I thought possible in such a short amount of time."

Elise K.

"Feeling empowered...low key still cannot believe she was giving whole job search hacks away fo' free."

Christine B.

"This has got to be one of the most value-filled webinars I've ever attended.  Thank you so very much for sharing your experience, your knowledge, and your support.  Literally holding back tears right now because I feel I have actionable steps!!"

Linda T.

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